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Status: Completed

I find the virtual assistant chat to be annoying and so far useless.  I don't often need agent assistance but in the past 3 months I have.  Each time I have contacted Telus for help I am connected to a virtual assistant who doesn't understand my request and continually offers options that have nothing to do with my query.  It is incredibly frustrating.  I have needed a call back for each issue so far.  In the past I could get assistance by live agents via chat who were helpful and available on my schedule.  I can't seem to find an option to chat with a live agent and most recently even my telephone call was answered by a virtual operator who continually gave me help options that didn't match my query.  Virtual assistants equals poor customer service.  


I answer all the bot questions with "I need to speak to a person". It usually takes 1 to 3 times before I win and get in the queue for a live customer service agent.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Keep typing in 'agent' when prompted and a live agent will come into the chat for you.

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Community Manager
Community Manager