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Viewing and Changing a Technician Appointment


If you have an upcoming scheduled appointment with a TELUS installer/technician that you need to cancel or rebook for a different time, you can log in to your MyTELUS account online to cancel, manage, or reschedule the appointment. Here's how:


1. Log into your MyTELUS account online on your web browser.

2. Select "My Profile" from the main menu.

3. Select "View and manage your appointments". You'll see the following info about your upcoming appointment:

  • Date
  • Arrival time window
  • Service address of appointment
  • Contact number associated with the appointment
  • Type of appointment (install, move, repair)

4. To Reschedule the appointment, select "Reschedule", select the date field and time, and click on "Reserve".

5. To Cancel the appointment, select "Cancel" and confirm the cancellation.

6. To Update the Contact Number for the appointment, select "Change your contact number", enter the new number and confirm the update.

7. When an appointment is rescheduled or cancelled, an email will be sent to your contact email address to advise of the changes. You can also refer to the Appointment Manager details page in MyTELUS for change confirmations.


If the appointment cannot be rescheduled or cancelled on MyTELUS, you will be advised to call in or visit our Live Chat online for further assistance.



  • AB and BC clients only.
  • Desktop browser only; currently not available on the MyTELUS app.



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