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Installing PureFibre To Your Home - FAQ


How does the work you are doing to install TELUS fibre affect my property?

The work will not have an adverse effect on your property. It is our goal to restore all property to the same condition prior to construction. We conduct our work within 2 metres of the property line in accordance with approved city permits. This 2 metre area is referred to as the utility right-of-way. The most likely inconvenience may be the installation of a small below-the ground ‘flower pot’ to house a temporary conduit connection. This flower pot will be removed once the new conduit is connected and buried to provide a path for the new fibre line. There will also be a narrow (18 mm) underground conduit pipe to install below ground running to a small terminal box we attach to your home. In the process, there may be some slight disturbance to your grass during construction, however, once we complete the installation, we will clean the area and replant grass seed. 





Do you cut into driveways, and if so, how do crews repair them?

If we need to cut into your driveway, it will typically only entail cutting a small ‘coring’ hole. These holes are repaired afterwards, usually by filling in the holes with new concrete. The repair depends on the size and scope of the work, so we will determine the necessary work required to repair the area on a case-by-case basis.





What are the paint lines used for and how will they be removed?

Taking precautions before installing the new fibre cable is vitally important. That’s why we hire a company to locate and mark where existing utility infrastructure lies. The paint used to mark the utility placement helps us ensure we are drilling and installing the new conduit safely away from them. The paint is water-based, therefore it dissolves after a number of weeks. After a few rainfalls or cutting of the grass, there should be no trace.




What is the process to get fibre to the point of access in the house?

Depending on the premise, we will either build a connection underground or install it aerially.


For an underground installation, we drill a path for a conduit pipe to run from the below ground ‘flower pot’ box we install, to the house. The drilling is conducted using either a small plow or compact drilling machinery. Both are relatively non–intrusive with very little ground disturbance, as opposed to excavating your lawn with large machinery. There are instances where a service box is required to be installed in the utility right-of-way in addition to the temporary flower pot. In these instances, we make every effort to install this service box in the boulevard. If there is no boulevard space available, it has to be installed in the utility right-of-way based on the city permit approval.


For an aerial installation, we connect a fibre cable from the termination point along the aerial network (typically installed next to a pole and attached to the aerial strand) and directly to the house. A small termination box is installed onto the side of the house. From there, a different kind of fire resistant, bend-insensitive fibre is installed and attached to the active equipment inside the customer’s home for safety and ease of connection. In some new developments, the fibre used is already both fire and bend insensitive rated, which enables us to install the fibre cable directly into the premise without the use of a termination/transition point on the outside of the building.





Whom do I contact with questions about the right-of-way?

Please contact your local municipality right-of-way department.





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Just Moved In

Further question on installation--I live in a community with underground installation of utilities.  The work has been done in the front of the house and flower pot installed.  I thought the connections would be made through the front to the house but now the utilitity lines in the back have been marked out.  Only one of my neighbours and I have been "selected" for this.  Why?


@wawill  Maybe you 2 are the ones asking for fiber ask around the neighbourhood

Just Moved In
But if the installation is coming from the front, why mark out lines in the back?


AMYJ  This is good  could you have this put on the top of this page in a little box ? so people don't have to hunt for info. You can't get this info from chat or over the phone. Polecat


@wawill  Maybe the fiber is in the back and it will go to the flower pot then to the front of the houses a guess on my part.  Polecat

Just Moved In

Our neighbourhood in SW Calgary has been undergoing the digging in of fibre cables and they have brought the underground conduit from the front ROW to a back corner of our house.

The first contact I had was a contractor employee (I believe?) who had me sign-off on the location of the end of this conduit and when the horizontal boring crew came along, they did a fantastic job of bringing it to the back of the house with minimal disturbance to our front yard and back.

The second contractor (subcontractor? Or same contracting company?) ran their snake line through the conduit to this endpoint, but he was disappointed with the location of the end point and the distance from the current entry point to the basement. He said he would pull extra cable and would come back later that day, but (I only just last night recalled this conversation) he suggested I contact Telus to discuss this, and he never did come back, to the best of my knowledge.

Who/where is best to reach out to discuss the concerns?

Many thanks in advance…

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