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Bridge Mode - Using Your Own Router

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What Is Bridge Mode?


When you sign up for TELUS internet you will receive a device called a gateway - a two-in-one modem & router combo. Bridge mode is a feature that allows a user to shut off the router side of the gateway (i.e. WiFi), and use a 3rd party router in its place.


TELUS currently only offers bridge mode on 3 gateway models - the T1200H,  T2200H and T3200M. The main difference between these two models is that the T1200H is a single line gateway while the T2200H is a copper bonded gateway, used for higher speed plans where two lines are required.




  1. In the address bar of your browser type ''  and then press Enter
  2. The Gateway’s Home screen will appear. Enter your user name and password and then click the Wireless Setup icon located in the top row of icons (see below).


ET pic 1.png


  1. Click on Advance Setup on the right side
  2. Click on Port Bridging
  3. The Port1 Bridge screen will appear (see below) - click Enable and then click Apply


ET pic 2.png
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Just Moved In
Not sure about “auto bridge mode” at all. Never heard that before.
The way I’ve always configured it was in the advanced setup area, under port bridging. My understanding is that this should survive a power cycle, so it is surprising to hear that didn’t work for you.
There doesn’t seem to be a way to disable the DHCP server either...

Just Moved In

Can't log into it using that IP or the IP that it's programmed to. The manufacturers website says that the GUI can only be accessed by the ISP. The Telus tech on the phone after 45mins trying to see if DHCP could be shut off had to call somebody else that told him that this unit has auto sensing bridge mode.