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Community Manager
Community Manager

Halloween is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than binge the best horror and thriller shows with your family & friends? Get ready to enjoy thrills, chills and more with Shudder on Optik TV! 


Shudder offers the best selection of horror, thriller and supernatural movies and series uncut and commercial free, from Hollywood favorites and cult classics to original series and critically-acclaimed new films you won’t find anywhere else.


Watch Shudder on free preview from October 21-27 on channel 444. 


Here are some of our top favourites we think you’ll love...




Creepshow: A comic book comes to life in a series of vignettes, exploring terrors from murder to the supernatural and unexplainable. Haunted dollhouses, werewolves, murderous goblins, villainous trick-or-treaters, the dead, and medical marvels are just a few of the things to watch out for in this new series.




The Mortuary Collection: In the phantasmagorical town of Raven's End, nothing is as it seems... A misguided young girl takes refuge in a decrepit old mortuary. There she meets Montgomery Dark, an eccentric undertaker with more than a few skeletons in his closet. Montgomery chronicles the strange




V/H/S/94: After the discovery of a mysterious VHS tape, a brutish police swat team launch a high intensity raid on a remote warehouse, only to discover a sinister cult compound whose collection of pre-recorded material uncovers a nightmarish conspiracy.


Watch Shudder on free preview today until October 28 on channel 444. Want to keep binging the best horror and thriller shows? Add Shudder to your Optik TV plan a la carte for $6/month!