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This summer, British Columbians can toast with a Pollinator Pilsner, a local beer made with simple and sustainable ingredients. So simple, in fact, that customers can find out where the malted barley in their drink came from — from seed to can. Created by Persephone Brewing Company, the Pollinator Pilsner’s distinctiveness comes both from its sustainably grown ingredients and traceable production, powered by TELUS Agriculture.




To create the Pollinator Pilsner, TELUS Agriculture worked with Persephone, a farm-based Certified B-Corp brewery in BC, to integrate solutions into their production process to provide customers with verified traceability. With a QR code, beer drinkers can see the 1,200-kilometer journey – from planting barley seeds to harvesting, right through to the malting, brewing, and packaging process – gaining a unique perspective on how the Pollinator Pilsner is sustainably farmed, brewed, and monitored for quality and safety.


The technology used to make this possible includes products from, Decisive Farming, a precision agronomy and farm management tool, and Muddy Boots, a farm-to-food traceability and supply chain management solution. Traceability is central to TELUS Agriculture’s goal of enabling a more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable food value chain.


Greater traceability provides consumers with information that can help build greater trust in our food system and production practices. In addition to traceable barley, the Pollinator Pilsner includes certified organic hops and, as a certified Bee Friendly Farm, locally sourced honey. Are you intrigued? British Columbians can find the Pollinator Pilsner in select BC liquor stores or purchase the beer online.