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Community Manager
Community Manager


TELUS starts a brand new chapter in the exciting world of agriculture.


For a variety of reasons, including sensitivities, allergies, health issues, or a desire to eat more sustainably, many of us are paying extra attention to the food we buy and eat. More regulatory and consumer-driven demands are being placed on the food value chain, from farm to fork.


Producing healthy, safe, and sustainable food remains a crucial global priority – both today and for the future. It’s estimated that global food supplies will need to increase by as much as 70% over the next 30 years, simply to keep pace with the world’s growing population.


Achieving this higher yield will require a technology-driven approach. However, agriculture is an industry where technology adoption has lagged and efficient use of the vast amount of data generated is lacking.


Why agriculture?

  • This sector is meaningful and socially crucial
    • TELUS has always stepped up to address pressing social issues, making massive technology investments to support more vibrant, sustainable communities. This social capitalism approach is central to achieving TELUS’s mission of enabling better outcomes through technology.
  • We have the expertise
    • The marriage of technology and agriculture might seem counterintuitive and although this seems like an unlikely alliance, TELUS saw an opportunity.

    • As technology experts, TELUS has wide-ranging experience in using technology solutions to transform multiple sectors, including transportation, healthcare, business communications, and more.

  • We have invested in and built the infrastructure
    • Another key factor is connectivity. Driving digital transformation in a conventional industry like agriculture, where users are typically located in rural or remote regions, is a challenge. For technology to benefit the agriculture sector, these solutions must be easy to deploy and use – regardless of location.

    • As our Canadian 5G network infrastructure is rolled out, multiple smart data management solutions with unprecedented speeds and coverage will become available to users right across Canada. Coupled with our global Internet of Things capabilities, 5G will be instrumental in optimizing the agri-business supply chain, providing precision agronomy, and facilitating food traceability.


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