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Wall mounting smart home control panel

Just Moved In
Hi there,
I have a installation scheduled, I would like the control panel mounted, I have a place directly above an outlet - I want to put the power cable in the wall, will the technician be able to facilitate that? Or would I need to do it myself?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Generally the home owner does the fishing of walls, the installer may or may not do this for you since a short run. You can always prep it and have the holes ready with a pull wire for the installer.

@Jurmalurm  The telus tech dos not do power wiring that is up to you. When you wire the outlet put in 4 outlets  ( ONT - MODEM ROUTER - BATT BACKUP FOR PHONE IF NEEDED  - AND WHAT EVER ELSE )

The user is talking about the alarm panel

Community Power User
Community Power User

If it is an interior wall, they should fish the wire from the point of installation to an outlet directly below, at least they did for me.

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