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Telus Home Assistant keeps unlinking from Alexa app

Friendly Neighbour

I use the Telus Home Assistant skill in my Alexa app to run routines which include my SHS panel. I have had the accounts connected for over 5 months, and a particular routine going for several months.


For the past couple weeks, the accounts keep unlinking and so the Home Assistant skill stops working. I get an error message saying that the account connection has expired, and I need to sign in again to re-establish it. I follow the steps to link the accounts but by the next day they are unlinked and I see the same error message.


Does anyone have ideas on how to fix this?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, does reinstalling the Alexa app and then relinking the TELUS skill help fix the issue? 

This seems to have fixed the problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Alexa app and I haven’t had the unlinking problem since. Fingers crossed it holds!

Scratch that. It worked for a couple days but it’s unlinked again as of today.

following! A real disappointment the support site.... there is nowhere I can just send TELUS a message regarding this issue. I also created a post thinking they looked at these, but it seems they don't....we are on our own trying to figure out how to fix this.... same with the skill review...i sent feedback.... still nothing