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Smart Security - Can't Link to MyTelus

Just Moved In
Long time mobility customer that recently added Smart Home Security services upon changing homes. When I log in to the Smart Home Security app using MyTelus log in info I get a message that says the account hasn't been linked to my profile yet. When I follow instructions to log in to MyTelus and provide account number (from Telus/ADT security bill) and postal code I'm told that the information doesn't match your records. Please assist with how to fix this.

Telus has been horrible....... we keep getting passed on to the Philippines, Central America, and other places.  No help.

They say that Telus is Canadian but they are NOT............ Absolutely no help and promises that are not kept.  Problems with our system and a year ago they promised help, but that has not helped.....  

Just Moved In
Is there a Telus employee moderating this forum that can reply with assistance?

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further!

I am also struggling with this ussue

Please can you help as I have same issue

My service staff told me that I can only use ALARM APP

My service assistance told me that I can only use ALARM APP!