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Lack of Response to Graffiti Concern

There is offensive graffiti tagged on 2 Telus boxes located on Smith Ave between North Rd and Clarke Rd, Coquitlam. This was reported to the City of Coquitlam in mid-2023 who in turn reported it to Telus. I have also reported this graffiti to Telus in 2023 and nothing has been done. Why is it taking so long to remove graffiti from these boxes?

Just Moved In

it's low priority and you can remove it yourself. the city and telus has a budget for this type of thing and not obligated to remove it it think. if the painting was pictures or drawing, they just keep on the device.

This is not true. We don't deem any unsightly graffiti or damage to our equipment on the street as 'low priority'. There's also no instance in which case either side makes the decision to just 'keep it on the device'. Thanks for the input, though.



Community Manager
Community Manager

It was indeed reported to our field team. They receive a very high number of requests for graffiti removal as you can imagine, and the teams that go out to remove them do so in batches. As to here, we receive reports and pass the info along to our field team, the same as if someone flags it to us by calling in or letting us know over at our social media pages. That's where the line ends for us here, and unfortunately posting numerous threads on our community won't expedite the process any further. Appreciate your patience.