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The Challenge Ride or Dies MTV On Demand missing???

Just Moved In
I started watching this season as soon as it came on demand which is usually the Thursday as it airs Wednesday’s. There was a ‘pre episode’ and then three episodes came on as they normally do. Now we’re missing 4 and 5, where are they? What’s happened? Has anyone experienced this or something similar? Any advice for next steps? Thanks in advance!!!

Just Moved In
The challenge ride or dies
Season 38
Episodes 4 5 and 6
Oct 26 Nov 2 and Nov 9

Hey @Rbock00 Thanks for flagging! I have reached out to our teams to have this looked into. 

Just Moved In

yes i'm also missing 3 weeks of a series ,it just up and stopped putting the new episodes on demand? very frustrating trying to get it fixed too!


Just Moved In
Why isn’t episode 16 of the challenge up on tv on demand yet? It used to be the day after it aired, what’s going on?