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Dave Season 3 On Demand

Friendly Neighbour

It looks like Dave Season 3 episodes 1 & 2 are avaiable on-demand on the FXX channel, but then epsiodes 3 & 4 are available on FX Now. Is this intentional? Shouldn't all episodes be available on 1 or the other (or both) channels?


It seems like Telus tv customers always get both fx and fxx in the same theme pack, so actually it doesn’t matter that much.
Telus customers have extra access to fxnow which is better than Bell, so it doesn’t have to put every episode on its own platform, but Bell has uploaded all episodes.
Moreover, Telus has launched a new live TV service, so it might be trying to integrate the on-demand section with the 45-day unlimited storage, thus pushing more customers to eventually transfer to the new plan.

Friendly Neighbour

Fair enough... but with Pik TV (or Telus+) I have to 'subscribe' to FX and FXX each individually (not bundled). I feel like it's liekly an error that the first 2 episodes are available on demand for 1 channel, and then the next 2 on demand on the other channel, especially when all 4 have aired live on FXX.

lol that’s might be a business strategy if Telus has restrictions on the frequency to modify lineups and fxnow website doesn’t recognize the credentials for this show. It appears that there’s no fxxnow website available. Give it a try!

Friendly Neighbour

Update: It appears all episods have now been added to FXX.