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"Your account login has failed"


We moved in two months ago and got the new android tv box. Since day 1 it has not worked. When we try to log in it just says 'your account login has failed'. Tech support has been 'troubleshooting' and could not fix it despite reprovisioning the account services, removing and re-adding the account and the service, factory resetting the box, AND replacing the box. We have also tried logging in through apps and the phone etc. to no avail.


Back office could not fix it. Back office has now sent it to 'Opus', one of the other providers, for further investigation. Their response time is supposed to be 48h or less but they (Opus) are taking multiple days to respond.


The most recent was that there was a duplicate tickets and so NEITHER of them got worked on because the back office had requested a frontline agent to combine the two tickets... and nobody did. I called in to ask why the long delay (10 days or so) and the agent found this in the notes - if I hadn't called in nobody would ever have combined the tickets I suppose.


Has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone know how to fix it? It's getting a bit ridiculous.


Community Manager
Community Manager

I've sent a private message your way to collect some info. Please check your messages when you are able to 🙂

Thanks for the heads up!

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Noffica, could you kindly elaborate on the screens you're seeing before you get to the "your account login has failed" error? 

If you're being logged in automatically (and failing), I would suggest trying to log in manually. You can do so by 

  • Select "Settings" on the top right of the screen
  • On the settings menu select "Account Information"
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose "Switch account"
  • On the next screen choose "Log out"

It should show you a screen where you can manually enter your username and password. I know it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that you need to log out of an account that you weren't able to login in the first place, but this is how to prompt the manual login page.


Let me know if you're able to manually log on. The investigation team is waiting for this confirmation before moving on to the next troubleshooting step. Thanks. 

Hi Kate,

Thanks for the reply. The error happens when we turn the set top box on - it goes to 'verifying' and then says could not be verified. We have already tried the manual login - it was the first thing we tried. We also factory reset the box, Telus replaced the box, we factory reset the new box, and so on. We cannot log in on the app either - it just says 'login failed'.

I have spoken to tech support about 12 times about this. One tech noted that there was no box serial number on the account, and that something wasn't provisioned correctly. That was fixed I believe but it still didn't work. Another tech sent it to the back office who sent it to your provider 'Opus' who tried something, which didn't work. It has now been sent back to 'Opus' again, but their responses have been taking much longer than the expected 48h. The ticket number is 5675751.

Oh also, the instructions you gave are for changing the Google account associated with the Google Assistant and Youtube and other apps - not for the Telus TV+ account. We are stuck in guest mode no matter what and can't watch live TV because Telus won't verify our account (MyTelus account), whether or not we have a Google account logged in. Also, unfortunately the menu settings you suggested don't actually exist!

Hi @Noffica Thank you for the update. I've notified the investigation team and they're reviewing the ticket details. I'll let you know when I have further updates! 

Hi Kate I was wondering if there was an update on this. We just got another bill today, and we have not had TV service for a single day since we moved in, over two months now. Also, Opus's response time is supposed to be 48h and it's been over 7 business days since we last heard from them. I am not sure why it's so difficult to get this fixed?

Hi @Noffica , there was a backend change on your account on the 10th to attempt to fix the issue. Are you still having the same login problem? 

Have you been able to log into any other platforms or are you having issues only on the box? 

Let me know if you can log into the web browser:

Hi Kate, thanks for the update. We actually weren't aware of the account change on the 10th until your message here. Unfortunately no, it did not work, the same login issue persists.


We cannot login to any other platforms whether app or browser.

Hi @Noffica We did another refresh of your account on the backend, can you please try to manually log in again? Please don't unplug the box (it will prompt the autologin which will reset the refresh we've done). Go to settings-> account info and switch account to manually log in.

Hi Kate


Thanks. However unfortunately the box will always auto login when it is powered on, and there is no way to avoid powering it on as it automatically turns itself off after being left on for a while.


Also as mentioned above there is nowhere to 'switch account'. I went to 'settings', then had to go to 'device settings', then 'accounts' (there is no 'account info' directly under 'settings'). The only account under 'settings > device settings > accounts' was the GOOGLE account used to sign into the Google Assistant, Play Store, etc. - NOT the account that the box is using for MyTelus. Also there is no option to 'switch accounts' - I can only 'add another account', but once again that's just for the Google account for Google services.

Hi @Noffica, I'm going to post some instructional photos just to avoid any miscommunication on manual login, can you please give it a try and let me know if it's working for you?

Turn on the STB, access Settings


Scroll down to “Account Information”


Scroll down to “Switch Account”



Confirm Log Out


Log back in with your TELUS account information


Hi Kate, thanks for the photos. We do not have these options. Please see below photo sequence of what we see.





Hi @Noffica in your first photo, please select log in manually. That will take you to the manual login screen where you can input your mytelus username and password. 




Hi Kate, I've explained previously that we get the same error "Your account login has failed" when choosing log in manually.


"We have already tried the manual login - it was the first thing we tried." - from my message a week ago.

We did another account refresh yesterday on the backend. Can you confirm you tried to manually login today? 

Yes, confirmed we tried a manual login today and still have the same error. Also, we cannot log in on any app, so it doesn't seem to be a box problem, rather an account problem.

Hi @Noffica , I sent you a private message, please check! 


[Message 1 of 2] Just following up to report that this is FINALLY fixed! It has taken 12+ phone calls and 6-8 hours troubleshooting on the phone and live video. I'm just going to leave a list of some of the things that happened here, so everyone is aware of how these things go:

- The first agent (frontline tech support, that you reach when you call Telus tech support) had me factory reset the set top box and when that didn't work he sent out a new one.

- The second agent kept trying to do the same steps. When I explained it already didn't work and asked for a physical tech to be sent out, he kept evading the question and asking me to reset the box and replace the box. And I mean evading. I would ask if he could send out a tech and he would just go silent and not answer. Then I would ask if he was still there and he would try to ask me if I had reset the box (which I said about 6 times that I had indeed done). I filed a complaint using the escalation form on Telus's pages, to which I was supposed to hear back in 48h, but never did.

- I called in about 3-4 more times, each with an agent that tried the same steps and couldn't fix the problem. Every one of them said they would 'escalate to the back office' and I never heard back.

- The next time I called, one agent said the STB was not provisioned on the account and sent it to the back office for it to be added. Never heard back again.

- I called back in yet again. Another agent said that the previous ticket had been sent to Opus but they had not responded within the last 10 days. The response time was supposed to be 24-48h.


[Message 2 of 2]
- This agent called me back a few days later after getting a response from Opus but it still did not work.

- I never heard back again. I called in again after 10 days or so, and got a third agent, who said Opus had not replied because there were two tickets open, and they had requested them to be merged, but nobody had merged them.

- He merged the tickets and sent it back to Opus. We never heard back again.

- I posted here. Kate's team did some account refreshes which did not work.

- A senior tech agent (not frontline support) called me last week thanks to Kate. They tried a few things, which didn't work again, then they identified that there was an IP mismatch between the modem, router, and account.

- They sent a tech out this Monday to replace both the modem (on the wall) and the router (Boost tower). TV still did not work. The tech said even if there was a ticket still open with Opus, they would not reply after so long.

- The same senior tech agent from last week called me back this morning and finally got it working after releasing the old IP and resetting the modem again.

Thanks to Kate for getting this moving. The senior tech counted 6 open tickets and was surprised nobody had sent out a tech before. I am also surprised that none of the 8-10 frontline tech support agents, nor the 'back office' that they kept escalating to, were able to identify the problem, nor did anyone escalate me to a senior tech. If I hadn't posted here and Kate hadn't picked it up, it would probably never have gotten fixed.