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Just Moved In

The Telus app and website is horrible to deal with. Keeps jumping around and doesn't work. All i want to do is upgrade my theme packages and find out where my 55' TV is. No one seems to be able to help. Have had many issues with Telus lately. So need help before I ditch it all! And I have everything with Telus!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Can you elaborate more on what you mean by the app/website "jumping around"? It's not immediately clear what the error is, specifically. 


Dru. While we wait for a reply from  

DonnaMarieH I will suggest it is the My Telus website. It took me two weeks of trying to place the order for this Telus TV before I quit tring on the MyTelus. I would log in, make my choices, put together a package and press place order or whatever the final button said, only to have it bouce back to the beginning haveing to start over and over. Finally placed order by phone. In hindsight I am wondering if that was a sign.