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ok we added the cowboy channel (971) to our package because there was programming we happen to enjoy. well its national finals rodeo time we can get all of the content EXCEPT for the actual rodeo event it's self. instead when the rodeo is airing we get a replay of the calgary stampede. and then we can watch it 3 days after the event has concluded all because we're in Canada. why is that? why must we wait when it's even listed in the TV guide on the TV box for 2022 National Finals Rodeo.

I find it really unfair that we get punished in a way for not being able to watch this. I'm sure we're not the only channel ( rual package) subscribers that experience this

Community Power User
Community Power User

You would have to ask the broadcaster directly if they're airing something else instead of the NFR. Telus doesn't control the content that is aired on any of the channels. The only other thing I can think of would be that the Cowboy Channel doesn't have the broadcast rights in Canada. If the guide still shows NFR, it likely means that they didn't submit updated guide data for what they are actually airing.


Both the Cowboy Channel, and their partner channel RFD-TV (which Telus also carries) appear to be airing some bits of NFR broadcasts according to their schedules on their websites, but also the Calgary Stampede. (RFD schedule, CC Canada schedule) The Cowboy Channel for Canada is different than the American one. The US one seems to have the NFR. The Canadian one doesn't, at least not on their website. They do have a page referencing NFR (from 2020...) out of Texas, instead of Vegas. I can't find on Google so far who is actually airing it in Canada.

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