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amazon firestick and optik app

Just Moved In

There appears to be no way to install the Optik TV app on a firestick. i have tried every trick I can think of. With a lot of people including myself signing up for Starlink for our RV's this is a pain in ass. I notice the competitor, Shaw has an app built in so does bell with a firestick. This gives them a  competitive advantage. I do not want to switch, as I get an employee discount on Telus and it's a matter of loyalty,  They really  need to get their act together. A lot of us are getting Starlink for our RV's and want to use Optik without having to hook a laptop up to use it. How hard is it to get their app added to Amazons app store. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@telcoman I can't confirm Firestick will be supported in the immediate future but we do plan on expanding support to more devices. If/when we support is available, we'll be loud and proud with it.