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Why does it take so long to speak with someone??


Is it by design?  It is so frequent that I think it must be.  There is nothing that says "I don't care about you as a customer" more than being on hold for (literally) hours.



Telus is not unique in being short staffed for the number of customers wanting to talk to someone. In other words we the callers out number those that receive the call. It is also good stratagy, most callers cool down or not bother waiting.

Community Power User
Community Power User

A wait can sometimes cool people down but not always. For some it just amps them up more.


Anyone who has worked in customer service, sales, or tech support can confirm that the customers can also be a big factor in wait times. Frustrated individuals tend to vent. P!ssed off individuals vent even longer and sometimes just keep going in circles with their venting.


I do work with the public (not at or for Telus) and for what I do, if customers were direct to the point about what they need/want, I could easily do double the volume of calls in an average day. Some days even more. I can only imagine it's very similar for Telus call center employees.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I recommend reaching out to our team over at our social media channels. You can send us a DM/PM at our Twitter / X or Facebook pages and we can assist there as well.