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Where did all the TV on Demand content go for past seasons?

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Getting caught up on some of my favorite shows and to my surprise TV on Demand content for past seasons is gone. Good example is Blue Bloods where there was 12 Seasons in TV on Demand. Now there is ZERO with Season 13 starting tomorrow on Friday Oct 7, 2022. 

What's going?

If Optik TV and TV on Demand are going to be changed, at least tell the customer and adjust our pricing!!!


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Community Power User

The broadcasters decide what is available on demand. Telus has no control over that. It's very rare to find more than one or two seasons available on demand, if that. Many broadcasters only make content available for a certain number of months before pulling it.


Often when a new season starts, many broadcasters will pull older content. Blue Bloods season 13 episode one does appear to be airing tonight on CTV at 8pm (October 7th). It may be an idea to record the series if you have a PVR.


The previous seasons were available on Crave but CTV appears to have pulled the show from the lineup on their website and from Crave. It's possible they no longer hold the rights to use past seasons on demand or through streaming. 


Amazon Prime appears to have the streaming rights for at least 11 of the past seasons of Blue Bloods but it appears a Paramount+ subscription is required. Not sure who has the current broadcast or streaming rights for Season 12 yet.

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This works in no one's favor.

I often don't bother watching shows in their first season. How often have we wasted our time watching a good show that gets gets cancelled after one or two seasons (Rebel is a good example). Once a show has 3-4 seasons it starts to seem worth watching. However Telus only has season 3 or only season can't start watching a show at the beginning of season 4... So you never watch it at all.

Saying the broadcaster decides is a nice way to deflect responsibility but I call horse crap here.
Anything past on major network channels like CTV or Global should be accessible. It's basically content everyone has already paid for...

Plenty of crappy movie available to purchase though...