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Telus evolution 4k android, stuttering eventually on 4k feeds until reboot


I have a consistent issue, every few days when I start watching my optik 4k android box, I will often tune to sportsnet 4k or tsn 4k channels and the box eventually seems to be overwhelmed and I have to reboot the box or the 4k feeds will constantly stutter. Normal HD stations seem to work fine. But the 4k channels will keep freezing.


After a reboot the 4k feeds start playing back fine and are fine maybe for a week, before I have to do a reboot again. I just noticed this issue more so with the last update. Very frustrating and this box seems to be underpowered for telus interface on the box. Since you cant change the hardware, there should be better performance optimization with telus development team for the user interface and the system in general.


Also any idea when Surround sound will be fixed for regular hd channels? You get proper surround sound on the 4k channels, but regular HD channels output in dolby digital, but the sound coming out is actually only stereo. Very frustrating. The old optik boxes had surround sound working for all HD channels years ago.



I should also mention when this happened tsn 4k eventually showed a ERR_Player_P001 error. But not sure if that was just a byproduct of the system struggling on 4k channels after a week or two of watching them.

I’m not surprised. Given my experience of stuttering when using the menus (broadcasting in 1080p) I would guess the 4K stream is equally overwhelming. @Optik-Kate said in my thread that a software update is planned for the end of July to help improve performance.

If you have another box (like an Apple TV) that supports downloading the Telus TV+ app, I would do it. I have found the performance there to be vastly superior.

I thought I saw here somewhere that 4K isn’t supported yet on Apple TV.


Well another 2 weeks passes and the same thing happens, turn on telus tv, the box is stuttering on 4k channels. This time I did not have to reboot it started working after a few minutes of stuttering and changing to some regular HD channels eventually. This could be anything. Basically the interface and system is just bogged down. Not sure what the issue is without having access to telus software. Its like this box is just not powerful enough to consistently host telus interface and stream channels without eventually getting bogged down and then it needs a reboot every few weeks.

It looks like this this box was released in beta form, not ready for release.