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TELUS TV+ App for Roku

Friendly Neighbour

When will the new Optik TV + app be available on Roku Devices? 


Rather than replace my old Cisco and Technicolor STBS with the new google boxes i rather just install the app onto the roku tvs themselves.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @dlanebc great question! We unfortunately don't have a definitive timeframe for Roku devices that we can share as of yet, but stay tuned here (and over on our social media channels as well) for updates!


@dlanebc Bear in mind you won't have access to the PVR functions without the google box though.

Just curious as to why you say you won’t have access to Pvr functions? Apple TV telus tv app has pvr functions.

Just Moved In

I'm eager to see this for Roku, too. I just setup a Chromecast for my mom and the Telus+ app works GREAT on Chromecast. But I need to use Roku because I depend on the "private listening" feature to listen via headphones avoid waking my family app. I almost NEVER watch TV on my Telus Optik receivers because of the headphone issue (the Roku solution is just so much more convenient than pairing via Chromecast or Optik). But I would watch live TV via Telus a LOT if it were integrated with Chromecast.

One idea to pass along to your development team, based on personal experience: This is the kind of project that is MUCH easier in the era of GPT. Has your dev team thought about priming GPT with the Roku SDK documentation, then taking the Chromecast code base and feeding it into GPT? You might have to do it piece by piece but you could probably do the port much more quickly this way.