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TCL, Roku, TV code for TELUS Slimline 2 Remote is 0021

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TCL, Roku, TV code for TELUS Slimline 2 Remote is 0021

Tried all the codes on the TELUS web site for TCL tv's and they didn't work

I saw on this form to try 0021


Press options on bottom of remote till LED light flashes 2 times next to power buttons

type in 0021 then press power button

tv should shut down 

then press Ok button in center of remote 

then power and volume work on the TELUS remote

But the arrow buttons don't work to move you around the Roku Home screen


If there is a better code please let me know


Community Power User
Community Power User

This may be helpful:


TCL — TCL Roku TV Remote Codes

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Just Moved In
If you use the Onn Roku tv settings,system,power,power on then choose the cable box. The tv and Optik box will turn on and off with the green Optik power button on the Telus slimeline remote.

The tv will turn on with the like normal and all features for the Telus remote work perfectly