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Synchronizing Optik Slimline Remote 2 with JVC TV


I have tried synching my Optik Slimline Remote 2 with my new JVC LT-43EC3505 TV but am having no success with the codes downloaded from the link under Program your remote. Could this be due to the TV's remote being connected to the TV by Blutooth? If so, is there a way around this?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Can you confirm that's the correct model number? Searching that on both Google and Bing resulted in zero results. That's something I've never seen before. I saw one hit for a 43EC3508 though. Even JVC's website doesn't have the manual for the 43EC3508 TV posted. I would imagine the TV would still have an IR received on it but can't say for sure.


All of the Slimline 2 JVC remote codes:

1183  1184  1663  1638  1597  1376
1312  1201  1176  1898  1757  1662
1402  1208  1185

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Thanks for your feedback. Maybe it's a new model but I bought it from Visions yesterday. The small manual that came with it has the model number on it as LT-43CE3508. There's no mention in there of an IR receiver (or of much of anything else except the pages and pages of legal and other notices). I've tried all the codes you sent me and some others that I have seen mentioned elsewhere, but to no avail.

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Jasco lists these codes:


6271, 5071, 1481, 0311, 0481, 0771, 0901, 1281, 1801, 1911, 5281


Hopefully something works for you.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Thanks but none of them worked. Could it be that the only remote connection is via blutooth.

For everyone's information I spent 90 minutes chatting with a Telus technician. He certainly tried his best, but we were unable to pair the Telus remote with the TV. A compatibility issue apparently. I take that to refer to the Bluetooth connection between the JVC remote and the TV. I don't blame the techy but I wish I had known beforehand that this might be an issue. We have no choice but to use the JVC remote to turn the TV on and off and to adjust the volume.


Thank you everyone who has given me their advice and sent me new codes to try.