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Series Recordings - still missing recordings


So I'm guessing the 'Series Recordings' are still not reliable?


Currently I do have an ongoing 'Series Recording' set for the LPGA (Golf channel 925) but notice it frequently misses 1 recording in the scheduled tournament which is usual over 4 consecutive days.


The current tournament is the LPGA Cognizant Founders Cup (Ch:925 airing 'New' around 4 p.m pacific). The series recording scheduled day 1,2 & 4 missing 3. Now 3 is upcoming tomorrow (11 May) @ 4 p.m. for which I had to set a manual recording for this one schedule.  It's not unique. It missed 1 recording in the last tournament.


Yes, I've been here long enough not to rely on 'Series Recordings' being accurate, but any progress on the issue?


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @MrSL , if there are no last-minute delays and changes, we expect a system update sometime in June to address the issue where some episodes are not categorized as a part of a series.


I *feel* like recording issues have been reduced recently, but with the new update, I expect it to become much more reliable. Fingers crossed!

Hi @Optik-Kate thanks for the update.


I'm not convinced things have improved. Very next scheduled group of a series recording; telus.jpg missing the last day lol.