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Recording and fast forward, rewind


Can you fast forward and rewind while a recording is still in progress?  If it is 30 minutes in of a 60 minute program, can you start watching it and ff/rewind within the first 30 minutes?


Can you go back and replay something in live tv like on hard drive PVRs with a constant 1 hour ring buffer?  Can you slow-mo replay it?


Can you do a real fast forward at different speeds, or is it just jumping back and forth? I was reading the following and wondered if it had been fixed or addressed or will be soon?


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @newio, If a recording is in progress and you press play, the recording will play from the beginning with the capability to fast forward up until the live point. 


There is no slow-mo replay at the moment and no differentiation in fast-forward speed. I'll pass these requests to our development, thanks.




Thanks. I hope it continues playing after it reaches the live point as more of the program will have been broadcast by then.  I am trying to avoid commercials but still use live TV easily as one normally does with a PVR.


What about a Live TV ring buffer allowing ff/rw within it? PVRs have had them for decades and Bell Fibe TV has it:


For slow-mo, maybe like Youtube "." and "," keys, letting you see frame by frame. Slow-mo seeing things is very useful in sports.  Fast forwarding while seeing what you fast forward through helps you get to the right point rather than just skipping blindly like that reddit post I linked suggests.