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Optik Box HDMI switching to DVI

Just Moved In
My Optik box has all of a sudden stopped working on my main TV
(a 6 month old RCA RHOS651SM)
It gives me a snowy screen of static, and I noticed that the input on the TV Displays as DVI instead of HDMI as it used to.
I have tested on other HDMI ports on the same TV and get the same problem.
I have tested with other HDMI cables, same problem.
Other things (PS5, Fire Stick etc) work via HDMI
I have tested on a different TV in the house, and it seems to work fine...
It’s like the TV can’t handle the feed coming from the box.
Seemingly a TV issue, not a STB issue, but I am hoping this community can help.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The Optik boxes don't have a DVI connection. Something is weird with your TV. The RCA RHOS651SM is not supposed to even have a DVI port on it. It has a VGA port but the Optik box doesn't have that connection either. Most Optik boxes don't have HDMI-CEC support so they won't typically force the TV to change inputs when the box is turned on.


Go to your TV and change the input to the HDMI port the Optik box is connected to. The power button on the RCA RHOS651SM should double as the Input button. If that doesn't work, look for the input or source button on the remote that came with the TV itself.

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