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Optic TV+ App

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Can I use Optic TV + in the USA

I have Optic TV at home and I had the application here in the USA as well and use to be able to watch shows live and on-demand using the TV app.

Now the application is Optic TV+ and I cannot see any of the shows I use to see because it says I must be within Canada.


I recently subscribed to Optic TV because of the ability to watch TV either at home in Canada or while travelling abroad.

Why can I not watch Optic TV while in the USA?


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

The TELUS TV+ app can only be used in Canada as TELUS and Optik TV only have the content rights in Canada. If you previously were able to use the Optik TV app or TELUS TV+ app, that was a defect; the app was never supported outside of Canada due to these content provider restrictions. All Apple App store and Google Play store listings have this restriction noted in the app listing.