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No video, but yes sound on TV

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My Optik TV will turn on and the "Telus" and "Android TV" loading screens are visible, but then when it has booted up and the TV is playing I cannot see any video, but can hear. I unplugged and waited a minute before plugging back in, and it is still doing this. Anyone have any ideas of how to fix it? My TV is not a smart TV, I have a Telus OptikTV box plugged into it.


Community Power User
Community Power User

You could try unplugging the Optik TV box for 30 seconds. Also check that the HDMI cables are properly connected.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Thank you for the suggestion! As I said in the post I tried unplugging it (I also unplugged the HDMI cable at the same time) and waited a minute before plugging it all back in, and it did not fix the issue. I have left it unplugged all day today, will see if I can get it working later tonight.


Perhaps your TV is having trouble negotiating a resolution with the Optik box.  You may need to change the outlput resolution setting on the Optik box.

What is the resolution of your TV (a brand and model would be helpful)?