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New Optik TV Subscriber - Number of Simultaneous Streams

Just Moved In

Hi All, I've recently signed up for Optik TV and included is one Telus TV box. All other TV's in the house have an Apple TV so I have questions - how many of these can watch simultaneously? Also how do I create a separate login for the Telus TV apps so I don't give out my main credentials with billing etc to the kids?


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

You can have up to 5 concurrent live or 5 concurrent On Demand streams streams on your home internet connection for a total of 6 in-home (5 live/1 On Demand, 1 live/5 On Demand, 3+3, 2+4, 4+2 etc.). Recording streams do not count towards the 6. Away from home it's a limit of 2 total concurrent streams.


The TELUS TV Digital Box and Apple TVs all have ZSO (as do iOS devices), so you shouldn't need to share login credentials with anyone - they should all log in to the TELUS TV+ app automatically on your home internet connection using the TV Provider setting for iOS and tvOS. Once you're set up, you can set up user profiles so that your watch history, recordings, favourite channels etc. are separate and you can turn on purchase and parental PINs to restrict On Demand rentals/purchases and Pay Per View transactions. 


The TELUS TV+ account DOES have the same login credentials as your My TELUS account, but you shouldn't need to share this with anyone if you're an Apple household (and for Android, just log them in yourself and you're good).