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My first serious issue - Lost all PVR recordings from the new Android box


For the community,


Politely call tech support and was told "Somehow the PVR service was removed from your account"

Rather troubling since AFAIK that service is built in can can't be "removed" by me... 

I'd like to give TELUS the benefit of the doubt, but since I CAN currently record new things, and view the empty PVR menu... seems rather suspicious that the PVR service was removed.... Otherwise I Would NOT be able to record anything at this time (I can)

So I'll play along  - Since customer care is now closed and tech can't add/remove services I need to wait until morning to fix this -hopefully. 

Has anyone else experienced their entire PVR library and scheduled (to be recorded)  shows totally empty for no reason? 

Makes me VERY suspicious of the 100% cloud-enabled PVR recordings if we can't trust the service and it can get randomly reset on us!!! 

Strike-1 TELUS please do better!


Did you check with your families?


Remember to remain calm and polite when communicating with the customer care representative. Explain your situation, express your concerns, and provide any relevant information you have. They should be able to investigate the matter further and work towards a resolution.

Just had the same happen to me yesterday.
It was right after I had called TS for an ongoing issue with PVR series recordings.


I have lost at three different occasions all my recordings either after a reboot or the box decided to reboot.  The scheduled recordings are there, but no recording.  I just called and waited 30 minutes to be told they are closed to call back tomorrow.  I used to be able to reboot without loosing the recordings.

Hi @chenildujosar , this might be a dumb question, but do you have multiple profiles created within the app? The recordings and schedules are not shared between profiles.