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Keep getting charged for things I don't use

Just Moved In

Why the hell do I keep getting charged for services I don't use? I switched from Shaw a few months ago and it seems to have been a huge mistake. I was charged $110 for on-demand back in October which nobody in the house used, we called and were told to just not pay the on-demand charges and that it would be fixed, which it wasn't. I was charged late fees for it and still have to pay for the on-demand that nobody used, and now ~15 minutes ago I get Disney+ added to my services when nobody in the house added it? What the **bleep**?


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Revoked 


While I can't comment on what might have happened, I would strongly recommend changing your My TELUS password and setting up purchase and parental PINs on your Optik TV account.


A customer service representative should also be able to see from where the Disney+ transaction originated (from your Optik equipment, via My TELUS or from talking to an agent). If you didn't rent or purchase the On Demand movies, an agent should be able to remedy this as well.