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IR receiver

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VIP 5602 - whereisthenIR receiver?


Are you trying to hookup an ir extender?

I guess that is what it is called.  Cable box is behind viewing area.  IR worked on previous wireleass box, but can;t find where to place it on new 4K box.

The 4k boxes do not have an IR extender port. They are very good and receiving the remote signal if bounced off a ceiling or wall though. If you place your box behind a wall mounted TV and make sure to keep the front of it facing the roof you shouldn't have any issues when pointing the remote up towards the ceiling as the signal will bounce down to the box.

  I only have the 4K PVR.. The ir spot is 1/4" to the right of the red record light..



Just Moved In

Any luck finding the IR port? I need it for my URC control system