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Here we go again….

Now Paramount channel is being removed… what are we getting as a replacement? The last few channels that have been removed have not resulted in a suitable replacement, or a reduction of my monthly bill, so what’s going on?


An unhappy customer ( not that anyone that makes the decisions will read this).


quick search did not find. Not that I care a lot since Yellowstone was cancelled, but where did you hear this?

From the " Optik TV Service Programming and Rate Updates " page:


Posted December 1, 2023 - Paramount Network channel turndown


Starting January 1, 2024, Paramount Network will no longer be offered on Optik TV. The channel will be removed from your account and any theme packs. No action is required on your part.
If you were paying for Paramount Network as a standalone channel, you will no longer be charged for the channel moving forward. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
If you had selected Paramount Network as a channel in your Pick 5 package, it will be removed and replaced with another channel. You may change this to another channel in your Pick 5 package at any time through your My TELUS account.
To learn more about the latest TV packages and channels, please visit

It’s right at it’s position on the guide

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @TelusUser1957


Paramount Network Canada is being shut down by the content provider - it is not something that TELUS has chosen to do; it will no longer be available to Canadians from any telco. I can only speculate as to why - but @Rocky3's sentiment is probably representative - since the launch of Paramount+, a lot of programming has been moved over there. 


At the risk of getting overly complicated - TELUS has hundreds of channels in dozens of theme anytime a provider ceases operations or turns down a channel, TELUS's choices would be to remove the channel from the theme pack, take a channel from a different theme pack (which just moves the problem around) or completely reshuffle all theme packs, which is pretty disruptive to everyone. 


If you no longer see value in the Prime Time theme pack, you are free to swap theme packs every 30 days, or downgrade your combo to one without Prime Time. You can also subscribe to the other channels within Prime Time a la carte if there are only 1 or 2 that you care about.

Thanks…I won’t lose sleep over it, but, like I said, the last few channel removals have not resulted in a satisfactory replacement channel, or a reduction in my bill. I don’t think it’s fair to remove channels without some sort of relief!

I agree, Pay more get less. Always favors the provider and not the customer.

I still get paramount thru Roku via internet!

Got my most recent bill… no reduction in charges. So whats happening… no bill reduction, and no replacement channel.

…and why does the guide still show the programs on the channel… it’s been months since the channel went black! Why not just remove the whole thing?

Any chance someone in charge will read this?

An unhappy customer.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @TelusUser1957 


I'm not in charge, but I do work in TV product development. Paramount network was turned down 3 days ago on Dec 31. While this was technically last month or even last year, it is somewhat disingenuous to say 'months since the channel went black'. Generally, we leave the channel up in the guide and the information notice posted on the channel feed for a few weeks after the feed goes dark as a way to inform folks who don't check their bills regularly or may not watch the channel frequently. The guide information is provided to us from a third party, but i've flagged the guide listings to the team that works with this vendor.


As mentioned above, you have a few options: if you no longer see value in the 'Prime Time' theme pack, you're free to swap this theme pack for another. You can also downgrade your Optik combo to one with fewer theme packs. Prime Time still does include A&E, AMC, CTV Drama and TLC. Each of these is $5 a la carte, while theme packs have a standard price of $9 (so subscribing to the theme pack alone is cheaper than 2 channels a la carte). In general, individual channels are only included in one theme pack so a 'replacement' channel would have to come from another theme pack; robbing Peter to pay Paul, if you will. 



Slim pickins of shows to watch until the new stuff comes along. So I scanned the All channels and found a show I wanted to watch. I am not subscribed, wasted an hour or so trying to find channel 315 to subscribe to it. Is it available or not. Most likely NOT and another lost channel not yet deleted from the guide.


315 on my guide is CTV Life channel.

Still hoping for a replacement for Paramount, or a bill credit for the time it’s been unavailable.


Yes 315 CTV Life. Do you subscribe, how did you subscribe as I cannot find a way

CTV Life is part of the Variety theme pack along with BBC First ( channel 375 ), E! ( channel 333 ), Much ( channel 557 ),  OUTtv ( channel 347 ), OWN ( channel 341 ) and Acorn ( channel 377 - VOD content only ).