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Finally Recording in New Digital Box Solved

Ok. In another post I had expressed my inability to record . @kate said, I need to have a cloud subscription. Finally after talking extensively with customer loyalty rep and technical services, the problem had been resolved. The problem appeared to be while I got my new boxes, my account and tv packages were not changed. Once costumer service and technical services identified the issue it was resolved. Nice work Telus Customer Service, Technical Service and Customer Loyalty 😀🙏

Community Manager
Community Manager

Great to hear! Appreciate your patience on this!

No problem at all. As technology matures we need to learn and work as a team 👍

Friendly Neighbour
Exactly the same happened to me. Although I now have ability to record, there I can see no way to manage/delete recordings when no longer needed. Help!

Hi @Alta-aj you can delete recordings through the recordings manager. If you click on a recording it will ask you to play or delete. Though, I know users have requested the ability to bulk delete, this is something we're still working on! 

Friendly Neighbour
Nope. Once I click on a recording it immediately starts to play that recording. No choices presented.

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TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

What device are you watching on?


For the TELUS TV Digital Box, you can press and hold the rec button on the remote to bring up the recordings manager. You'll then see a list of your recordings, and when you select one, you should see the option to 'Play recording' or 'Delete' if you haven't started watching, or if you've started watching, you should see 'Resume', 'Play from beginning' or 'Delete'.