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Dolby Atmos from Netflix

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Dose the UIW8001e support Dolby Atmos from Netflix.  Amazon Prime Dolby Atmos comes through fine.   If not dose any TELUS box support Dolby Atmos from Netflix?   According to Netflix  the Business TV (TiVo Android TV) dose and no other 4K TELUS boxes are listed.  Thank you  Reg


Community Power User
Community Power User

Here are the audio specs for the UIW8001:


Standard decoding formats Dolby Audio™ (supporting Dolby Digital Plus™, Dolby® Digital)
MPEG-4 HE-AAC v1 & v2
MPEG-1 Audio Layer I, II (mono, dual channel, joint stereo, stereo)
MPEG-2 Audio Layer II backwards compatible modes
MPEG-1/MPEG-2 Audio Layer III (MP3)
Optional decoding formats Dolby® MS12 multistream decoding hardware compatible (optional, requires middleware or software support)


I don't believe any of the Telus boxes currently support Dolby Atmos. If the box doesn't support Atmos it will just use the Dolby Digital Plus or Dolby Digital encoding instead.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Thank you for that.  I think that you are right that none of the TELUS boxes support Dolby Atmos.  Kind of odd given that Dolby Atmos has been around for a long time and TELU includes Premium Netflix in their Optic TV packages.   That said I do not think that TELUS or Netflix will change - at least in the near term.  As I understand Netflix transmits the Atmoe meta data in a coded form that has to be decoded at the box level.  One would have thought that when TELUS specked out the requirements for their boxes they would have required this.