Crave help...where are the Crave movies on Telus?


New subscriber of Crave through Telus, and a pretty basic question hopefully the answer is right in front of me


On Telus channel 411, I can only find the Crave TV shows not the Crave movies. How do I get the Crave movies? If I do a search for a movie using my Optik, it pulls up Telus Optik pay per view movies. 


Instead of through the Optik remote, I can also access Crave instead using my Samsung smart TV app. Unfortunately, the Samsung Crave app doesnt allow for rewinding or fast forwarding which is a bummer so I don't like it. 


I can watch Crave movies on my ipad/iphone, but I want to watch it on my TV.



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Go to channel 410 and use that portal in to the On Demand section. Tune in and press Ok on the remote. That launches the Crave portal. You'll see multiple options for content, Browse Movies, Browse Series etc...
Channels 406 to 409 are the Crave movie channels.

Everyone is WRONG! Even the Telus website. You DO NOT access your full list of movies through channel 410. First, click "On Demand" on your remote; then chose "TV on Demand". From the list to the right, choose "Movies & Series"; from the list to the right, choose "Crave Movies & HBO". Once there, you have the option to choose "Movies" and that gives you the full list of movies. 


THAT is where you will find all the movies!

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Vader, thanks for this excellent instruction. Although it appears common sense, I had not experimented before by accessing all categories (and those beyond Movies and Series) through the process you described. Saves considerable time instead of scrolling down to individual On Demand channels, especially when one has subscribed to a variety of movie channels (specifically) beyond Crave and HBO. Give yourself a free one-year OPTIK TV subscription!