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Crave Interface is Horrible

I love the shows on Crave but I tend to use it last if nothing else is on other streaming sites. The reason is it’s so horrible to view contents or find shows! Why not have it like on the browser? Simple and able to see what the movie is about. It takes forever to look up a movie/show trying to figure out what it’s about or who’s in it or trying to find something of interest in general. So many categories you have to go to only to find out it’s in wrong one for example, then you have to start all over and remember where you looked last. I end up spending so much time looking for something that eventually, I just give up and go to Prime or Netflix. Please, make it simple like all the other streaming sites, add pictures with descriptions and easy to browse through.

Community Power User
Community Power User

As far as I know, Crave is not a Telus property, so changes in the interface would be the responsibility of the creator of the product.

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