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Conflicts with Nest Wifi router and Optik TV wireless box

Having a bit of a strange issue, hoping someone has seen this or can shed some light.

I replaced my old DLink mesh system with a new Google Nest mesh system a few months ago and it has been wreaking havoc on one of my wireless Optik set top boxes.

Ever since installing the Nest router in my living room, the Optik box will drop connectivity at least once a day, forcing me to reboot it. Moving the Nest router farther away seems to have partially remediated the problem but I'm still seeing daily drops.

Is it possible to change the wifi channel on the VEN501 device? My first assumption is it's a channel conflict between the two networks and the Nest device doesn't allow you to manually set a channel.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Is the VEN501 connected to the Nest or is it connected to the Telus supplied router? 

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It's connected to the Telus router.