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Can't watch my PVR Recorded shows unless i am at home??

Just Moved In

Ok - the last month or so we keep having issues with our boxes.....I have to keep resetting them.......


On Monday I could not access any of my pvr shows at all from any of my boxes..........

The next morning, my main box was frozen on the last show we watched the night before....had to reset it AGAIN........


Then that night we noticed that some of our PVR shows showed up but not all of them.


I loved the feature with shaw where I could watch my pvr'd shows from any device, anywhere.  I am very disappointed that that is not the case with Telus.  Yet another reason i should have stayed with Shaw


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you look at the OnDemand section almost every show is there as well.

They are not showing up on there yet either...even though they aired a couple of days ago.....and it sucks watching VODbecause you can't fast forward through commercials