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Poor install

Just Moved In
1. Telus knocked at my door and said they could drop my monthly costs by $100/m from Shaw. It turns out this wasn’t accurate. The difference is more like $70/m
2. My land line wasn’t transferred over as promised. It was dead for several days. We have since cancelled this part of the service.
3. My system was incorrectly installed. The TELUS guy didn’t hook up the system correctly when he came in and really only worried about TELUS at the expense of other parts of my system. A second visit was required.
4. My recording of House of the Dragon stopped prematurely and so I had to find it via the Crave app on Apple TV.
5. After a couple of days my Samsung tv started turning off by itself. The TELUS components stayed on but the tv went black. I spent over 35 minutes working with a remote tech but he didn’t solve the problem.
6. The tech was supposed to call me back at 6pm the next day to check if the problem was solved. The tv shut itself off 4x more during a 1 hour news cast. Tech call back closer to 8pm
7. An in person tech came and fixed the remote control, looked at the components but didn’t resolve the issues. He dropped off a wire (optic cable) for me to install but it requires fishing it through a conduit in my wall. Not sure I want to do that.
8. House of the Dragon didn’t record again. 2nd time. It is my only recording. I took a photo of the screen which said the network was down but Apple TV was working. I finished the show in Apple again.

All of this makes me think TELUS is not going to work for us. Too many things have gone wrong. My only problem with Shaw was their cost climbed too high.

Unless there is a profound fix in the next few days then we are going to dump TELUS completely. I was with Shaw for 35 years. I have used TELUS mobility for 30+ years. Maybe time to go to another provider altogether. Both companies seem comfortable.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@RobbieGrey Sorry to hear about the issues. That sounds like a challenging experience which our team can fix. Would you use Facebook or twitter, by chance? If so, our social media team can help you with this if you reference your post.




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