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Is BBCFHD off the air? It shows up in my Sudscribed channel guide, but is black when I go there.

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Community Power User

Channel number?

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Channel 551.... BBC 1st HD

Now it’s gone completely, even from the guide! It’s supposed to be part of our TV package.

Back on the guide, but says I’m not sudscribed. We should be.

I am having the same issue. Telus website says this channel moved to Good Times theme pack (now renamed). I have the Good Times pack but it says I am not subscribed to that channel. I have reset my cable box to see if channel 551 shows up but to no avail.

Thanks for replying. We’re paying for the “Good Times” theme pack( or whatever it’s called now), and we’re still not getting the channel, and its not even on my Subscribed Channels guide now.

Please reach out to our support team to help with this issue. (Call 1-888-811-2323. You can request to get a call back so that you don't need to wait on the line and you will not lose your spot in the que!)

Thank you for the reply, I did contact the support team over a week ago regarding this, I even sent them the website link to where it said what theme pack the channel was moving to. As of this date, it hasn’t been corrected nor have I heard back from anyone at Telus on how they are going to fix the issue.

Ok, just checked my Optik theme packs and channels, and no “Good Times” theme pack. Anyone know what it’s called now?

It’s now called Laughs & Cheers

Thanks Moose. I have Laughs and Cheers in my package, but it doesn’t list BBCFHD in that theme pack. What gives?

I talked to a supervisor at Telus today, and they couldnt understand it either. Seems the Telus Optik internet update pages aren’t “ up to date”. BBCFHD is in the “Nature and Civilization ” pack, not “Good Times”, now “Laughs and Cheers”. They made me a deal to add BBCFHD to my package, and rebate me the charge.

Interesting. Thanks for update 65Val. I will call Telus today and see if I can talk to a supervisor and have the same done for my package.