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Archiving PVR - usage of USB port?


I have read earlier posts concerning activating the USB port on the ISB7150 PVR unit to archive the recordings to an external hard drive; this was dated 2014. In a later post Telus had indicated that the USB port activation for this purpose was underway; this was in 2016. Has this been done yet?
I have been experiencing issues in both live TV and PVR playback where the image pauses or skips, and it is becoming annoying; my response from Telus on the issue is upgrade to PureFiber to improve the signal. I have over 100 recordings I do not want to lose. My internet connections are also impacted by the issues, so I am certain the cause is the copper wire.
I attempted to plug in an external HD to the USB but get nothing???? Does Telus need to activate the USB port manually?

In addition, the benefits of having the capability of activating the USB to allow archiving to an external HD would enable utilizing the PVR for playback and recording of programs, and leaving other recordings archived until wanted and restored, significantly improving flexibility of the PVR.

David White



Community Power User
Community Power User

PVRs are not meant to archive your collection of shows indefinitely. The encrypted recordings are not meant to be stored off the device to which it decrypts those keys.

Most “recordings” are now served as on demand to be watched at anytime without the need to “record” a show. While it’s not the ultimate solution, this is all that is available as the USB is NOT active.



I have archived from Bell satellite to an external hard drive, and telus advertises that archiving is available on their satellite systems, so why not opt-in tv?

Not all programs are available in on demand, most of the recordings i have to not appear in on demand.

Telus apparently did provide this ability on PVR units installed after 2016, if you got your PVR earlier it was not available, it however should be able to be activated as otherwise why have the USB port at all.

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Community Power User

Best I can determine the USB port is unusable. Assorted manuals reference the port as 'for future use'.


AFAIK the data is encrypted and tied to the box. This is why when the box is replaced the hard drive cannot simply be swapped into the new box.


I suspect this is also true of their satellite TV.


Given that the storage is quite large on the newer PVRs it doesn't seem necessary to have external storage. 


Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Actually the encrypted files are linked to the software on the box, not the box itself. It is very rare for any data to be equipment specific other than boot track data, which is linked to the hardware and processor via the on-board bios. I have worked with this kind of stuff for more than 40 years, I know what I am talking about.
There is likely a setting in the bios to activate the USB port, which would require a Telus tech to do at the source.

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Community Power User

Due to copyright protection it's unlikely that you will ever see this option on products offered by the ISP's.


Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Actually, there are many ISPs that offer the ability to archive PVR to an external HD, I have used them with Bell satellite, also Telus advertises that you can archive Telus satellite recordings, so why not Optik PVR.