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All Recordings and Scheduled gone

So, this is ANOTHER frustrating issue.
I called into technical support today about another problem with Scheduled Recordings.
I went in to play a recording tonight and they are all gone. Deleted. As well as All scheduled recordings.
The whole thing has been wiped out!
What happened??

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  1. User error: It's possible that the recordings were accidentally deleted or erased by someone using the system.

  2. Software or system glitch: There might have been a technical issue or software glitch that caused the deletion of your recordings and scheduled recordings. This could be a temporary issue or a more serious software malfunction.

  3. Storage or hardware problem: If there is an issue with the storage device or hardware where the recordings are stored, it could result in data loss.

  4. System updates: Sometimes, system updates or changes can inadvertently lead to the deletion of recordings or scheduled recordings.


Unfortunately this seems to be a common thing. Same happened to me a few days back. Because the PVR is in the cloud, when it’s gone it is gone. 
Telus offers no explanation or “fix”.
I called support and politely complained and logged the incident for future leverage.

It is really important for everyone to call and log a ticket when this stuff happens, TELUS will monitor the support queues. The more tickets the higher the priority and more likely it will be looked at seriously.


my 2c

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @HiddenValley & @RobG3987 ,


It's possible there's been a backend change to your account as a method to fix other issues and resulted in unintended lost recording. If you DM us on Twitter or Facebook accounts, say you're coming from the community, and provide your account details. I can send the info to our development team for further investigation. I can't recover the recordings, but I can try to figure out why it happened. Please let me know your handles/names so we can locate your DMs. Thanks.