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Advertising on Telus TV


We are new subscribers to Telus Optik TV and have two locations: one in the Cariboo and one in Metro Vancouver. When watching local TV news (i.e. Global news) some of the ads are for Kamloops businesses which makes no sense for our location in Metro Vancouver. Do we get Kamloops ads because I was in the Cariboo when I signed up? Wouldn't it make sense for us to get Metro Vancouver ads for that location and Kamloops ads for our Cariboo location?  Just wondering why! Thanks.


Which channel are you watching? I cannot find any channel origin from cariboo.
If you wanna personalized ads on OTA channels, at the moment you have to move to the US, Korea or some small Caribbean countries, cause they have atsc 3.0 available to consumers. In Canada there are only a few testing signals from Humber College in the Six.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you moving equipment between the two locations? If so, your surmise is likely correct. It may even occur if you have linked accounts but two locations.


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