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2nd TV, wireless, bad connection/signal = Freezing

Friendly Neighbour

Our 2nd main TV is on a wireless PVR and the signal seems really bad. The TV shows, live or recorded on the PVR constantly freezes making watching anything pretty frustrating and unwatchable.


The downstairs TV is not that far away from the main Router AND we have one of the Mesh units downstairs as well. No other items seem to have connection issues, Laptops, Cell Phones, Tablets all seem to work well. Our SONOS system does not work 100% it too has the odd stoppage of music when playing internet radio.


Our 3rd TV which is basically directly under the stairs from the router loses it's audio only. the Picture plays fine but the audio will not play through the TV speakers and the unit needs to be unplugged and restarted almost every time it's used.


This has been the way since we updated our Optik hardware last spring (9 months ago). Yes, I've contacted the help service, without success. If it cannot be fixed we will drop the Optik account.


Community Power User
Community Power User

A few comments.

  1. The Boost units do not transfer the multicast signal needed for Optik, so it is the main router from which signals must pass.
  2. PVR work best when hardwired. Is there an option to run ethernet cables to any of the locations where you have a TV?
  3. Recorded video should not freeze, unless you are seeing artifacts from the time of recording.
  4. Is it possible to test the PVR in a location nearer the router, and test it wirelessly & connected to see if the issue is the PVR or its location?

Once you have confirmed these items, requesting a technician to address your findings becomes the next step.


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Friendly Neighbour
Hard wiring the Ethernet is unlikely, though it may be possible via Powerline adapter.

I was told by the tech who gave me the current units that they were wireless units and would not work wired, even though they have an RJ45 connection on the back. Maybe he misunderstood my question at the time.....

Will attempt with Powerline adapter and respond at a later date.