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15% increase - Telus breach of internet and TV contract

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I signed a 2-year contract for internet and TV. A contract is a binding agreement between two parties - Party 1 is Telus, party 2 is the customer. The contract consists of a term (2 years) and a monthly fixed cost. The PURPOSE of entering into a contract is to have a fixed monthly cost over a fixed term. Telus has breached my contract in that they increased my monthly fee approx. 15% halfway through the 2 year term. Yes, 15% is not a typo! In the real world a contract can only be amended (changed) upon mutual agreement between the two parties. This change was not mutually agreed upon nor would I have ever accepted it.


After many attempts to resolve this over the phone, I was told (by a robot) that Telus' offices are closed and to try again tomorrow? This on a Wednesday morning after 9am with a company that has a market cap of 32 billion dollars.


Question to Telus - what is the point of entering into a contract if Telus can amend the terms as they see fit?     


Community Manager
Community Manager

TELUS does try to limit price increases as much as possible, and always advises of said increases in advance for every customer as per our Service Terms (which can be found here: That being said, in a term you shouldn't see this, so there may be something else happening with your billing.


If you would like to discuss your billing with our team, you can call them directly at 1-888-811-2323 as they should be open for regular business hours!


I have to look at my previous monthly bills as well since there was an increase of about $20 on a two year contract after 8 months.

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They keep sneaking in $5 increases on my account as well. I think it is a revenue improvement program. You just have to phone them and remind you are on a contract and they will reverse it.


Good to know and something to watch in the future. 

Yes, they need to be kept an eye on. A few years back when I had a land line, I would get hit every month with one or two three way calling charges. I think they were about $4.00 a call back then. After about six months of this, I proceed to ream out the kids and say stop the three-way calling, it's costing me money! After of this, my son finally said, Dad we don't even know what three-way calling is! I called Telus and put a block on the phone for three way calling. Sure enough there it was on my next bill, two, three-way calls for $8.00. Then I phoned Telus up and tore a strip out of them. No more 3-way calls. Ever since then I keep a close eye on my phone bill.