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This form is for customers who are eligible to receive credits as part of their tax exemption status. This may include customers who are Indigenous (with Indian status) or consular officials/diplomats.


To apply for tax exemption, please follow these steps:

  1. Download and print the TELUS Tax Exemption PDF bellow (Click here to download the form)

  2. Fill out the form

  3. Scan the completed form and the required pieces of identification.
    Please note that third-party mobile scanner applications are accepted.

  4. Email the scanned documents to our off-contact desk: [email protected]

You must include a photocopy of both sides of your Certificate of Indian Status Card if you are applying as a First Nations individual or your Identity Card issued by the Canada Department of Foreign Affairs if you are applying as a Consular Official/Diplomat.

There is a 14 business day turnaround time upon receipt of the form. Keep in mind that you must continue to pay the full amount of your invoice, including taxes, until the application is approved.


Note: The effective date cannot be backdated and reflect today's date.

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