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Text messages purportedly from Telus re supposed overcharge


I have received two text messages supposedly from Telus saying that there was an overcharge on my account, one dated July 7 and the other today, July 20.  The text messages ask that I click the link (provided) in order to claim my reimbursement. Nothing seems unusual in my actual account, and I did not click on the link. I am assuming these are scams, but would be reassured to know if that is the case and can Telus do anything about it to stop these text messages, assuming they are not actually from Telus.    Here is a screenshot of today's message :  




As a new member on the forum your attached images can't be seen by the public until a moderator approves it. I'm pretty sure it's a scam without having seen the screenshot. You were wise to not click on the links. Your messaging app should have a function to report the messages as spam.

Thank you for replying. My text message (on iPhone) doesn't appear to give me the option to report as scam, just to delete. Another responder suggested I phone Telus Billing, which I will do. Looking at my account, it appears that nothing is amiss.


@JillP3  SCAM  Go to your account on computer for last month and see if there is anything out of line. Then phone in and get a hold of BILLING keep asking for BILLING do not try to sort this out with online chat or sales rep. Your photo won't open for me i think admin has to approve it maybe later today i can open it. I don't think you can see activity in the current active month.

Thanks for replying, polecat. There appears to be nothing amiss on my account. Last time I did try to inquire through online chat but it was not helpful. As you suggested, I will phone in and ask for Billing to see if this can be resolved. I do assume it's a scam, but it's still unsettling.


What I'd like to know, is who are the people able to detect what phone company we're with for mobility? I mean yes it's a scam, but someone has to inform the scammers about basic information regarding what carrier you're with.