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Irritating issue displaying data usage on the App when your account has multiple subscribers.

Just Moved In

Does anyone know how to make the app recognize the number of the device the app is installed on and display your personal data usage as the primary user when there are multiple subscribers on one account? We have three phone numbers on our account and when I open the app its showing everyone elses before my own which means I'm forced to click onto the usage page and scroll to the bottom to display my usage.

When I was with Fido, the app was designed to display your data usage FIRST, you could drop down and select another users number and check their data as well, however, your phones usage always displayed first. In the TELUS app on the overview screen it displays the data amount used, but it does not say the number or name of the subscriber. So you then have to change it to the usage page and then for me I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see what my usage is. This is very frustrating because I can't ask SIRI to tell me the usage because its telling me one of the other users data usage. Whats even more illogical is its not even showing the account holder as the primary, which is what you'd assume it should do. I know this is a first world problem but its a huge problem when you're checking at a glance the app should show that devices usage, its so annoying especially when you're getting closer to the end of your cycle because all of my users use their data differently and you're not trying to confuse and go over. Even with peace of mind plans you obviously don't want to experience slower speeds. TELUS please if this is not currently possible to set my usage as primary, you need to fix the app to display that phones usage FIRST. Its my phone why do you think I wanna see everyone elses usage before my own? PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS!! Thanks in advance.