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Received wrong agreement TWICE! I feel misled!

Just Moved In
I talked to an agent twice in the past two weeks as I wanted to make some billing changes.

The first time the agreement that telus sent me after the call was $5 more then offered by telus and agreed by me.

So I sent an email to complain that it has to be corrected to what it was agreed upon.

Today I got another call. The agent understood that I was not happy and offered me something even better.

However, the agreement that was sent after the call was this time $30 per month higher then what was offered by telus and which I agreed with.

This is absolutely terrible customer service!!!

Telus cannot do this! I feel misled twice!


Hi @Erick I'll send you a message to see what happened

Just Moved In
I contacted BBB. Shortly after that I was contacted by a manager from Telus who helped resolve this. Maybe give BBB a try. Good luck!